another first for nicole odette designs ::

i’ve always loved “firsts” in my design work …. so when i was recently asked to design the children’s waiting area for a pediatric dentist, i jumped at the chance!  my task?  create a “tree house” environment in a dental office that already has a safari theme with zebras, giraffes, and elephants adorning the walls.  the surfaces must of course be safe and kid-friendly, and allow the children who enter to feel like they’ve momentarily escaped to a secluded place in the trees …. right before the dental assistant calls their names!

office design board

the design plan?  use corrugated metal panels on the bottom half of the walls, with framed “windows” on each of the three walls.  the main “window” will have a painted mural of a various jungle animals in the trees, while the others will frame t.v. sets on which the kids can play their favorite video games.  cedar siding will be used around each window with a canvas tarp suspended from the ceiling to create the tree house canopy.  the trendy and functional wood-look ceramic tile planks will cover the floor and outdoor lighting will be used on each wall.

what could be better than a tree house getaway to take a child’s mind off the often not-so-favorite activity of visiting the dentist?  check back soon for before & after photos of the kids’ waiting room!



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