the path taken ::

it is with bittersweet emotion that i share with you a change that is taking place in the nicole odette designs studio.  for the last several years, i’ve been able to work with many people … they began as clients but became friends … to share advise and direction on how they could make their homes not only functional but design savvy.  i’ve established a niche working with those who may have otherwise been leery of calling a “designer” {many are busy moms who want homes that are beautiful for their families, but don’t know where to begin} … my goal has been to make interior design accessible to anyone, regardless of style or budget.  with that goal in mind, i’ve loved every minute creating interiors that my clients find both functional and beautiful!








i’ve taken into account my clients’ existing pieces, their tastes, styles, and budgets to come up with design board after design board after design board ….

master bedroom design board


living room design board

master bedroom design board1

jake's room1

office design board1

… and spent countless late night hours with my sewing machines whirring away on so many custom projects …





but with life comes a variety of seasons … times when we must follow our dreams, and times when they can’t take center stage.  i’ve been facing one of those times for the past year, and finally had to make a choice.  when a new challenge came to me over a year ago, i was determined to balance it all … continue working full speed ahead, juggle family schedules, commit to the latest challenge.  while “having it all” sounds wonderful in theory, reality was that my attempt left me stressed, sleep deprived, and on auto-pilot {or highly caffeinated} much of the time, and not enjoying that stage of life that i was in the midst of.  so this summer, i found myself faced with a choice … continue on the current path, or make an adjustment that would leave me more creative for my clients, more energetic and enthusiastic for my family, and better able to experience each and every day rather than watching them speed right by me.

and that is the path taken … but luckily, this path will last only a matter of months.

as of this august, i won’t be taking any new design clients {unless they are interested in my new e-design program … more on that soon!}, but will be placing new clients on a waiting list to begin design in may 2014.  i’m so excited that this will allow me to devote my design time to those clients who have asked me to provide design advise and ideas for their homes over the last several years.  i’ll continue to work with my existing clients {current and former} during this time, so this adjustment will be seamless to those of you who have welcomed me into your homes and asked me to help with ideas for its redesign.  during this time, there will also be more shared on the nicole odette designs blog … and a little something called etsy!

while saying “no”, or perhaps “not now”, is one of the most difficult things i’ve had to do, i’m thrilled that it will give me the chance to live my dream and not allow it to run right over me!  i know i’m not the only one who has been faced with this sort of choice … friends, i’d love to hear how you’ve handled those times when you’ve had to make a similar choice!  which was your path taken?









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