lifelong love ::

it’s been over 20 years now … ok, maybe closer to 25, but who’s counting?  it was then that i walked away from my canvases, brushes, and paints not to look back.  but let’s start at the beginning.  for as long as i can remember, i have had an absolute love of color, shape, image … a deep interest in all things art appeared throughout my family.  so it was only natural for my parents to enroll me in private art lessons.  week after week and month after month, i’d attend lessons learning all about painting in a variety of forms {oil, acrylic, watercolor}, pastels, pencil shading.  the instructor was, and still is, amazingly talented … in fact, she is instrumental in our city’s youth art programs even today.  there was only one problem.  or at least it turned out to be a problem for me.  at that time, my art teacher had her students choose from a variety of images from her boxes and boxes of greeting card covers – the idea was that she could then see the image that each student was trying to create and help teach the techniques to accomplish that finished product.  the concept is good in theory, and must have worked for her hundreds of students over the decades.  but for me, it eventually blocked my ability to develop my own creative art without second guessing myself.

after that time, i still enjoyed my high school and college art classes, but felt there was a damper on my own individual creativity.  i followed the more practical route during those years … pursuit of a business degree, and considered the creative degrees to be more of a luxury.  i was mistaken.

life continues on no matter what path you take, and years later when it allowed, i began again to tap into my own creativity … first sewing custom children’s clothing and one-of-a-kind handbags, then back to interior design {including custom accent pillows and window treatments}.  but even more recently, the love of painting began to work its way back into my mind.


as many of my creative ventures begin, it started with a need.  i have several interior decor jobs that are in need of large scale pieces of art, but when i’ve looked for the perfect wall art for the space, i’ve run into two roadblocks.  first, custom art is expensive … and after a client has invested in major pieces for the room {furniture, rugs, linens}, there often isn’t a large budget remaining to fill vast wall spaces.  second, many of the more reasonably priced pieces i’ve been able to find make my stomach nearly churn when i glance at the back side of the print only to find a “made in china” label.  i want real {not reproduced} art for a reasonable cost for my clients … is that too much to ask?  apparently it is.  so my solution?  make it myself!


of course there’s a chance that the artistic creativity that i’ve kept sleeping the past few decades chooses not to wake up, but how will i know unless i try?  so after a quick trip to my nearby art supply store, i walked out with a bag full of gorgeously colored acrylics, brushes, and a canvas – not a large one to start, but one big enough to test out my ability {or lack of} to create abstract images that will give a few interior projects a unique and complete look.

while my trial run is far from complete, when the house was finally quiet last night, i got out an old paint palette, selected a few tubes to allow for a nice base on the canvas, and started …. {remember, this is only a base coat onto which some bold color will soon appear!}


i’d love to know, what are those talents and interests you have stored away for a future time?  is now the time to dust them off and pursue your dreams?


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