make room for creativity ::

one question that many of my design clients ask is “what is the rule about … mixing metals … using dark colors in small spaces … combining paint and stain” …. the list goes on and on!  while i’m not usually one to abide by the “rules” of design, when it comes to living in a farm house that is nearly 100 years old, there are no rules to break!  i see every surface in our home as a space to bring in a bit more creativity or test a design idea!  this was certainly the case when faced with the ho-hum door to my laundry room.


just like every element of our home, things are as they are for a myriad of reasons … in this case, the original walls were papered below the chair rail, and we quickly discovered that the paper was nearly holding the walls together!  the best and most economical solution at the time?  cover in beadboard and paint in a crisp ivory, and while i’ve never much cared for the result, it was “good enough” while other projects in our remodel took the spotlight.  up until recently, that is!  with the school year right around the corner {yes, i said it!}, i decided that this door which is positioned in a central spot in our home, could be more than a simple slab of wood between one room and another …. it could be command central!  after a trip to sherwin-williams, i was all set!


first step … remove the hardware!  {ugly door, i know!  i really had nothing to lose!}


next, tape the trim around the door and stir the paint.


i quickly learned that this was a tricky paint to work with … a water-based paint that acted like an oil, agggghhhhhh!


now for a little advise for those of you who think it may be fun to tackle this kind of project … while i’d recommend keeping a wet painted edge if possible, i’d also recommend using more of a “dry brush” technique.  each time i thought the surface was perfect, the paint would begin to sag in one place or five!  but after two coats of chalkboard paint and waiting 24 hours for the paint to cure, my family welcomed a fun, new way to stay organized, plan our days, and leave notes for each other!



but this little hallway is far from finished!  the ugly golden beige color that adorns the walls will soon be the next item checked off the list!  oh, and you haven’t even seen the off-centered light fixture!  after another trip or two to my favorite paint store, and perhaps a visit to Lowe’s, this hall will be even more transformed and worthy of it’s much used position in my home!


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