the gift of design ::

there are so many things i adore about the field of design, but one that tops the list is this … each and every home interior project is completely unique and one-of-a-kind!  it means there’s never a dull moment!  well, i was recently given another such very unique task by one of my past clients … he told me that his wife had been talking about redesigning their master bedroom and bath, and he wanted some initial design ideas that he could give her to get her started on the process!  of course there was no way i could pass up such a request, so the design ideas began rolling!

i was given one piece of inspiration to begin … this lovely gray duvet from nicole miller {bed bath & beyond} that this client’s wife loved!


while the duvet is beautiful {even more so in person!}, i wanted to give this room a unique flair … more of a personality!  so here are the finished boards for the master suite based around the deep gray duvet.

master bedroom design board

master bedroom design board-p2

my client wanted to use much of the existing furniture in the master bedroom, so some ideas to freshen it up?  new hardware on the dressers, remove the mirror attached to the main dresser {you know the kind i’m talking about} and hang a new wall mirror, replace nightstands with new side tables, possibly a new headboard {i’m working on a d.i.y. upholstered headboard project myself – more on that soon!}, and a few more accents to give the room a completely new feel!

and did i mention that this was all done as a birthday surprise?  what could be better than ideas for a newly designed room as a gift?  to run with that in mind, i added a few of the pieces from the design board – a sham from the bedding, an accent pillow from another line that i loved with the duvet, a quartz sample for the bathroom countertop, paint swatches, and a fabric swatch for window cornices – and voila!  a birthday gift and room design plan in one!



need a design board to surprise someone special in your life?  you know where to find me …!


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