a lovely living space ::

Is there such a thing as a sporadic blogger?  Yes, friends, I think there is … and the demands of family, career, and all of the other goings on have turned me into one such blogger.  The intent is there to publish beautiful and inspirational design posts daily, but reality is that if I send a post to my kind readers each week or so, it’s the best my juggling skills can do.  Tell me, can you relate?

Even at mid-week, this week has been packed with all sorts of projects in the studio.  Stacks of sketches for a basement finish, design boards for a darling girls’ bathroom remodel {I can’t share this one yet, but will soon!}, and design boards for a client’s lovely living room!



Luckily, I’m starting with an already pretty palate, but this client wants to change up the accent colors and bring a finished feel to the space.  The sofa and chairs will stay {but move to new spots in the room}, so how to bring color to this neutral room?  Here is the design board!

living room design board

The neutral beige and gray will be accented with slate and light teal, and additional wood, metal, and ceramic accents will be brought to the space!  So tell me, do you think these accents will bring beautifully decorated feel to my client’s living room?  We’ll soon see!