hidden dreams ::

Don’t we all have those little dreams and goals that we keep close to our hearts … whether they are hopes for our families, professional goals, or simply things that we think would just be really, really amazing to accomplish?  I’m definitely a bit of a dreamer and have many of these goals … so a few weeks ago when I received a text from one of my past clients, I was simply shocked that one such dream was right around the corner!  For years, I’ve wanted to design a loft space in one of the gorgeous buildings in the downtown area of our city.  But since most of the people I know live in a different part of town, and because my interior design business has grown solely from the kind words and recommendations of clients and friends, I didn’t think that it was likely that the design of a downtown space was anywhere in my immediate future … that was, until I received this text.  You see, my friend and past client asked if she could refer me to her co-worker who just moved into this incredible building!


Of course, I couldn’t wait for the chance to transform a space inside this beautiful building … and as an absolute bonus, my newest clients are a complete pleasure to work with!  Perched on the 13th floor, the views are simply breath taking, even during this dull, dreary winter.  We’re beginning work with the master suite, which currently sports quite a bit of beige … and since my newest clients are leasing the space, painting is not an option.  So my job is to bring in color and character through the use of bedding, furnishings, rugs, and art!  I love to give my clients options, so here are the inspiration boards that I designed and shared with them over the weekend!

master bedroom design board1

….. and a completely different color palate ….

master bedroom design board2

We’re well on our way of re-designing this master suite to one with the character to fit my clients’ fun and colorful personalities!  Follow our journey as we take this space from beige to bold!


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