it’s everywhere you look … inspiration, that is ::


That’s when it all came together!  When I saw the photo in the August issue of Architectural Digest that I shared yesterday, I knew how to make the master bedroom in our home all that I wanted it to be!  And here’s why …. before beginning any design project, not only is it vital to assess the features of the room that need to be used in the design, great pieces that are available to add to the design, and any eyesores that must be dealt with, but it’s also important to determine how the space is used by the people who live there.  That takes me back to the master bedroom of our home.  My husband and I both love to read and often have stacks of books in our room {living in a small farm house doesn’t give us much convenient storage space, so the books have no where else to go}.  But stumbling over a pile of books on a cold hardwood floor isn’t the way I like to wake up on a cold January morning!  The solution ….


Yes … it’s the gorgeous shelving from the Architectural Digest magazine!  I have a “problem wall” in our master bedroom and this is just the fix!  Not only does this wall have two doors leading to different parts of the house, but it is also home to the thermostat – though I’d love to cover that with a piece of art, it just isn’t feasible.  So close your eyes and imagine {oh, maybe leaving your eyes open would be helpful for reading the rest of this post!} … a shelving piece similar to this on the wall between two of the original paneled doors that I showed you yesterday – that way all of the books would have a proper home.  I think it would be fun to line the backs of some of the openings with a patterned fabric or paper to add extra interest!  Place a smallish accent table in front {a place for a cup of hot tea or coffee is a must!}, a modern-styled lamp, layered rugs or perhaps a hide or cozy sheepskin, a comfortable chair with modern lines {I’ve convinced myself that the new-ish paisley chair has to go}, and ottoman for the perfect, out-of-the-way reading nook!  Still can’t envision what I have in mind?  Although these photos aren’t of bedrooms, there are aspects of each that show just the feel I want for this space.


{source:  Toronto Interior Design Group via Decorpad}

I adore the gorgeous wood floor with the natural hide and the neutral {though not boring} tones of this living room!  The table even reminds me of one I have in mind for my master bedroom reading nook.


{West Elm Branch Side Table}

Or another all time favorite side table ….



{West Elm Martini Side Table}

And for the modern-lined chair in this space, my first stop will be Niche in the Old Market.  This is an absolute “must go” for anyone looking for unique furnishings and accessories with a modern flair {though not overly modern, for you who are intimidated by that word}.  Although some pieces are shown on their site, it doesn’t represent even a little bit of all you’ll find at Niche!

Something similar to the shape of this chair may be just what I have in mind, and I’m such a sucker for nail head trim!


{source:  Urrutia Design via Decorpad}

I love the layered rug look … especially when a natural woven rug is paired with a hide, like in this photo!


{source:  Tamara Mack Design via Decorpad}

And I love the metal art over the fireplace in this photo …. because that’s another area that will need a lot of attention!


 {source:  Toronto Interior Design Group via Decorpad}

It reminds me so much of this art that I’ve been eyeing for months … of course, it’s at Niche!


So friends, tell me, do you like the design path that I’ve begun to journey down so far?  What ideas do you have to turn the master bedroom I shared with you yesterday into a completely transformed room in our little “farm home”?


2 thoughts on “it’s everywhere you look … inspiration, that is ::

  1. Sarah S says:

    Your vision sounds beautiful! I love the branch table, and I, too, am a sucker for nailhead. Can’t wait to check out Niche – I can’t believe I have never stumbled upon it so I appreciate the recommendation!

    • nicoleodettedesigns says:

      Thanks so much, Sarah! If you live near or visit Omaha, NE, Niche (downtown in the Old Market) is an absolute “must go” for furniture, art, and home decor! The items are so unique and the interior of the store is gorgeous as well – exposed brick walls and worn wood floors!

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