first up … the master bedroom ::

It happened on the treadmill.  For months I’ve been looking for just the right inspiration photo for the redesign of our master bedroom … Decorpad, Houzz, Pinterest … I’ve searched them all but nothing really stood out.  That is, until last night.  Maybe it was the increased oxygen that was streaming to my brain {gosh, I need to work out more often!}, but more than likely it was the issue of Architectural Digest that I was reading while at the gym.  I flipped the page and there it was …


{Architectural Digest, August 2012}

But how does this photo give inspiration for a master bedroom?  Let me back up a bit … in fact, let’s start at the beginning.  This friends, is the beginning … the family room of the farm house we bought 8 years ago.



And here’s where it gets “real” … I think that often times, people think because a person works in the interior design field or has an obsession with home decor {not that I know anyone who fits that description}, their homes are pristine, stylish, and worthy of a magazine spread!  But reality is that after a long day, my home design projects are often last on the list.  The intent to make every room in my home worthy of my friends’ and clients’ kudos does not often match the time that’s available to accomplish such results … until this year.

After years of trying to make the farm house work, we decided to convert the family room into our master bedroom {don’t worry, we converted the dining room into the living room, but that’s a post for another redesign project}.  Here’s where we are today …



Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, at the time we considered this our “temporary” home and used things that we had from our previous home to make this house “good enough” – the maltese comforter that I bought for $30 from a co-worker close to 15 years ago {though I must admit, I still really like it}, the clock that we bought for the dining room wall of an earlier home nearly 12 years ago, the large brown floral accent pillows that came with my sofa but don’t at all blend with the feel of my living room, the other accent pillows that I picked up at a local discount store to match the brown floral ones that I wasn’t crazy about in the first place, the paisley chair that I thought I liked a few years ago {my personal style used to be more traditional, but I’ve been tending more and more modern over the past several years}, and yes, that is a t.v. tray – an addition to our room last week when I was searching for a quiet place to read.

Once we pulled up the original carpet that was in place when we purchased the farm house, we were thrilled to find well worn heart pine floors and had them refinished {not the color I would have picked, but the refinisher seemed to think that decision was in his court – I had so many other things on my plate with trying to remodel the house so it was livable, that I suppose he was right}.


And you can’t beat these original solid panel doors and hardware that are original to the home, as well as a brick-faced fireplace that even after the addition of a custom mantle {a Christmas gift from my dad a few years ago} desperately needs a new look …




So that’s the room as it sits today.  Before starting any design project, it’s best to assess what you have to work with.  What’s great about the room and what stays {the hardwood floors, the brick fireplace, the Ethan Allen bedroom furniture that I swore to my husband 11-ish years ago that I’d keep forever, the bay window, the size of the room} and the not so good things about the room {oh, I didn’t show you those …. the make-shift closet that my hubby built because we didn’t have a place to store clothes, the catch-all corner that tends to collect overflow items from other rooms in the house, the shade that covers the door from our bedroom to my design studio – all of the windows in this room had the same cellular shades when we moved in, but fortunately  they’ve died one by one} … you get the idea.  So the redesign of our master bedroom has begun, and I’m so thankful for all of your input and encouragement!  The next step is to determine a design path for the space, and that brings us back to the AD inspiration photo at the beginning of this post.  But you’ll have to check back tomorrow to see how that plays a part in this room’s redesign!


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