making everyday a “vacation” ::


each time i travel, i always wonder how to bring the feeling of relaxation and enjoyment home with me into my everyday routine of chaos.  after a wonderful trip to mexico with my husband a few years back, i even went to the extent of buying an omelette pan {since the gorgeous hotel where we stayed had an ultra-talented chef creating made-to-order omelettes at the ocean side restaurant each morning}, and bought a box of those wonderful mints that were left on our pillows by the hotel staff {let’s just say that didn’t last, and most of those mints were unwrapped in the kitchen during a stressful afternoon or two!}  so how to bring the wonderfully relaxing feeling of travels home?  in your decor, of course!

when i began to think of what all of the “nicer” hotels where we’ve stayed have in common, i immediately thought of the bedding.  i love to use solid neutral bedding in many of my design projects, often with layers of different textured and varying colors of accent pillows, but sometimes even with soothing neutrals, some bedrooms require a “pop” of color.  the answer?  a coverlet!

 i knew i wanted to add a bit more color to my client’s master bedroom in the way of coverlet, and when she said she had just enough fabric left from the window valance, we knew it would be perfect to finish the foot of her bed!  {note :: these photos are not of the final home for this coverlet, but of my own bedding with a few pillows i was able to gather from around the house to add a finished look to the photos.  i’ll share the final photos with you as soon as my client’s duvet arrives!}

and now this beautiful custom coverlet is all ready to deliver to my client!  i can’t wait to see how it finishes her master bedroom!  as you look at the rooms in your home this holiday season, don’t think only of the “decor” but also how you can incorporate family memories from your travels … and bring design to your everyday!


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