step by step ::

Here’s how the design process works around my house {and in the homes of many people I know}.  Begin with a great idea and a load of excitement … start clearing the area to be worked on … oh, just found an accessory that I love – wait – get the hard work done first then accessorize as a “reward” for completing the project … yipes!  the pantry is empty and family is complaining … go to the grocery store … take kids to practices ….  Hold on!!!  Where do those last steps fit in the design process???  Sometimes everyday tasks get in the way of designing the homes of our dreams, but only when you take that jump, begin the project, and take it step by step, do you see the results that bring a smile to your face!

This client’s home is a prime example.  With darling twin toddler boys, it can be a challenge to get her home exactly as she wants, but I admire my client for taking it bit by bit to bring beautiful style and design to her home!  One of these days, I’ll do a complete “home tour” to show you what we’ve accomplished on the main level of her home, but for today I’d like to share with you our first “steps” to beautiful design!


Last spring, my client asked me to take a look at the master bedroom in her home and offer suggestions for a complete redesign.  Her only requests – incorporate a dark gray wall color, contrasting bedding {she tended to like bright pops of yellow once I shared a few ideas with her}, and use a few pieces of furniture that were in storage in her home.  The first steps?  A design board and room layout keeping my client’s requests in mind.  Not shown on this board are the bright white bedding that I suggested and painted white headboard that she had her eye on!

My client loved the nailhead trimmed tufted chair and since it was in stock at a local furniture store, she ran to pick that up right away.  The room has been painted, and the other pieces are coming together!

… and our floor plan!

I had the chance to stop by my client’s home earlier this week to check the progress and am so happy to see things moving in the right direction!  {excuse the quality of my photos – my lighting wasn’t the best, but wanted to take a minute to show that it’s ok to take your design projects bit by bit!}


There’s that chair from the design board, fabric that will be used for the valance {look – it’s on the top left corner of our design board}, and my client’s side table that she reclaimed from storage – we’ll make it work!

New nightstand with my client’s lamp … just wait, the accessories and new hardware will make it pop!

So while this master bedroom isn’t yet magazine worthy, it’s on the way!  Wall art, a bright white duvet, finishing furniture, accessories, and accent pillows will give this space a wonderfully finished feel and a complete transformation from its earlier days of beige!


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