home decor for the holidays ::

if you’ve stopped by my blog before, you may have noticed that i LOVE the holidays!  i love having family and friends visit to share time and make memories in hopes that i’m creating a rich legacy for them.  so when you mix my love of the holidays with my passion for design, it’s no surprise that i look high and low for great inspirational ideas this time of year!  so if you too love all things holiday and design … read on!


the first impression your guests will make will happen before they even reach your front door!  greet them with a darling message written on pumpkins, of course!  {image above from bhg.com}


or perhaps a classy monogram carved on pumpkins is the look you like! {image from bhg.com}


paint some cute little bats on pumpkins and hang them from the flower basket holders that no longer support blooms!  {another image via bhg.com}


who doesn’t have an empty glass vase sitting around the house?  why not fill it with birdseed and display with pumpkins … you’ll make some feathered friends too!  {yep, it’s a bhg.com image}

once your family and friends have crossed the threshold, what will they find inside?  how about a lovely table?


{this spooky table image above via marthastewart.com}


{image above via goodhousekeeping.com}


{this scary tablescape above found on delish.com}

all it takes is a bit of imagination, some items found around the house, farmer’s market, or craft store, and a desire to make lasting memories!  happy autumn!


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