a dream come true ::

those closest to me know how much i love my lists … scribbled on the pages of an inspirational notebook or typed away on my iPad, i can’t live without them!


the list that is the nearest and dearest to me is my list of goals and things i plan to achieve.  in fact, i am blessed to have a close friend with whom i share these goals, who helps keep me on track when i take a wrong turn, and who cheers me on when i accomplish these feats {on a side note, if you don’t yet have a confidant with whom you can share your plans, i suggest you find one, and watch how much more you will accomplish when a friend holds you accountable!}.  

while my list of goals always starts as a long one and grows even longer throughout the year, one of my main focuses for the year was to partner with a local interior design store to distribute my studio projects.  


earlier this summer, as i was busily working away on a design for one of my own custom clients, i was asked by a local design store to sew a few custom projects for their clients … one dream achieved, one check mark on the list!



these lovely, whimsical custom accent pillows with mitered trim corners found their way into a lucky guest room!  so make your dreams known today and watch what happens!  




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