flashback to the fourth ::

i didn’t want the month to pass without sharing design inspiration that i found on my visit to the city that has been dubbed the “fourth of july capital of the midwest”, seward, nebraska!


there are so many things i love about visiting this town, but at the top of the list is its character!  from the quaint buildings and shops surrounding the town square, to the one of a kind restaurants … of course, i noticed all of the design that seward has to offer {it’s what i do!}.



{the corner cafe … not only do i love the ambiance, but the food is fantastic too!}


{paper butterflies hang from the ceiling of the corner cafe}


though the design was icing on the cake for me, there really was one main reason for the journey … to celebrate this wonderful country, and pray for the future.


with antiques stores sprinkled throughout the town, i couldn’t leave without picking up a few treasures to remember the day!  here are just a few things that made the trip home …




{antique books and ceramic bowl / accessories}

look for the design around you each day, be it at home or away!  enjoy!


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