saturday design solution ::

many homes have a feature that gets in the way when working to bring great design to a space … maybe it’s a poorly routed traffic pattern, or a window that is difficult to work around.  today’s home builders like to add wall niches to new homes and sell this feature to their clients, but often times the wall niches aren’t well planned, leaving the homeowner with a design dilemma!



when this client contacted me, she explained that she had her television set in a wall niche and a large area on one side of the t.v. that she wasn’t sure how to decorate.  we didn’t want to make the t.v. the focal point of the room, but we also didn’t want to create some sort of gallery to the right side of the t.v. making the wall look disconnected.  our solution?  combine the t.v. into the decor of the wall, and make it one unified focal point. 


“after” {source :: nicole odette designs}

how did we do it?  first of all, we wanted to add height to the space by accenting this room’s high ceilings.  we used a woven fabric, cut it to the desired size, tacked it to the wall, trimmed the edges with prepainted wood moulding, then hung three metal art pieces from crate & barrel on the fabric background.  then to bring the t.v. niche into the design, we installed a painted wood shelf below the t.v. and added two accessories for height.


“after” {source :: nicole odette designs}

we also painted the ceiling beams an accent color to bring attention to their detail and height.


“after” {source :: nicole odette designs; custom drapes also by nicole odette designs}

so the next time you run into a roadblock to your home design, decide whether it really is an obstacle, or something that can be included in the design of your room!  need help designing the room of your dreams?  contact me at!  happy weekend!


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