story of a rusty metal cart ::

creative or not, this is absolutely something you can do!  check out my step by step pix as someone’s castaway was transformed into an adorable shelf for a powder bath!  last week i shared with you a photo of a little metal cart that i picked up on a recent 45 minute thrifting spree …

it was rusty and worn, but for $3 how could i go wrong?  my first step was to clean up this little cart before giving it a new life!  off came the dirty old caster wheels, then soap and water – i was amazed how this steel pad removed all of the surface rust!

next, i used a piece of sand paper to lightly rough up the surface for the primer to adhere …

then two coats of primer …

this next step was my least favorite of the whole process, because of course i wanted instant results with this little shelf – or as instant as possible when you’re working with spray paint!  i had to wait 48 hours for the primer to dry before applying the color … as impatient as i was for the final result, i waited … and waited.  then i sprayed two coats of a pretty rustoleum brand metallic vintage copper color paint and a clear gloss coat.  and finally, my little shelf was ready for it’s new use!

my total investment in this shelf was less than $20 including the original rusty cart, two cans of vintage copper spray paint, one can of primer, and one can of crystal clear enamel.  a huge savings from the $300 pottery barn bathroom cabinet that i’ve been eyeing for months!  do you recognize the wooden / metal box on the top shelf?  you guessed it … it was another find from that same thrifting trip and works perfectly to hold lotions or any other needed items in this power bath!  so tell me, what thrifting finds have you transformed and given a new life??




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