gallery wall love ::

they’re intimidating … overwhelming … often scary or even neglected!  you know just what i’m talking about – big, blank walls, walls in a room with a sloped ceiling, or walls in an oddly shaped space.  what can you do to transform these plain jane spaces into places of beauty in your home?  here’s the solution … turn them into galleries!


{source :: via pinterest}

all it takes is a little creativity, and often times even a few frames you already have around the house, to create a stunning focal point in your home.


 {source :: nicole odette designs – custom project}

use frames you already have {or go thrifting to discover some really unique finds} and fill with your favorite composition of photos, fabrics, or nothing at all, for a work of art right in your home!


{source ::}


{source :: via pinterest}

they can be created in a matter of minutes, can fit into the decor of any room, can work within whatever budget you may have, can tell the story of your family or feature things you treasure … gallery walls are the answer to a major design dilemma!


{source :: via pinterest}

add a little more design to your corner of the world today!


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