confessions of a “decoraholic” ::

i have a confession to share … actually, it’s a bit of an obsession!  i’m sure there are others of you out there with this same addiction, and it tends to show its face even more this time of year.  it all begins with a small sign, often homemade and hard to read … street corner after street corner they pop up each spring.  no matter the place {yard sale, garage sale, thrift shop}, there’s a soft spot in my heart for the neglected accessory or tossed aside shelf.  i can envision the potential that each formerly loved item has, perhaps with a bit of elbow grease and paint!

and so the weekend hunt began …

my first find was this darling set of counter height stools … imagine them with a hammered silver finish on the seats and metallic dark bronze legs.  perfect next to the modern ivory leather / espresso wood kitchen stools seated at my table!  these have already been sanded and are on their way to a drastic makeover!  check in later this week for the reveal!

my next score was this beautiful basket!  i usually shy away from baskets at thrift sales, but this one couldn’t be passed up!  it’s large size and sturdy wire frame {and $5 price tag} made it an ideal candidate for storage by the front door!  just a quick clean up needed and it was ready to use … perfect to store outdoor accent pillows when not in use!

my lucky streak could have ended there and i would have been perfectly happy, but no … more thrifty luck was to be had!  i’ve been in search of a small cabinet to be used in a bathroom for months.  the best option i found was $300, but still not just right.  so when i ran across this little metal cart, i kept walking …

… all the way to the car, and then i turned around and went back.  this little guy has already been sanded and primed.  picture it in a metallic copper with art glass on the top shelf and a monogrammed hand towel hanging from one of the sides!  yep, that’s the plan … to be finished {and photos posted} later this week!

my 45 minute spree ended with the find of a few darling accessories.  their new homes are uncertain, but i’m sure they’ll be incorporated into a great design soon!  thanks for stopping by!


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