two for tuesday ::

my plan for today’s blog was to talk about how important budget is to the completion of a room {part 3 of our design direction series} … but you know that already, right?  so here’s the quick version :: have a list of what is needed to finish the room and a budget range that you’d like to stay within when you go shopping.  put more of your budget into the larger pieces that you intend to keep for a period of time {for instance, don’t put a smaller percentage of your budget into a new chair that you hope lasts for 10 years, while placing a larger part of your budget into trendy accessories that will go out of style in 2}.  take a little common sense with you, along with your inspiration board and floor plan when you go shopping, and you’re on your way to a completed room!

{kid friendly family room by nicole odette designs}

and since i promised two parts to today’s post, i wanted to give you a little glimpse of what’s been on my mind lately.  the beautiful sunshine and warm breezes that we’ve had lately lead me to think of one thing … outdoor entertaining!  how better to entertain than by bringing the indoors out with color, color, color!

{outdoor cushions from the nicole odette designs studio}

{indoor cushions from the nicole odette designs studio – but why not take them outdoors?}

{more outdoor cushions from nicole odette designs studio}

tell me, what are your favorite “go to” tips for entertaining outdoors?  i have an outdoor get together on the calendar and would love to hear your ideas for a great evening outside!  have a lovely day!



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