design direction 1 {the inspiration board} ::

with summer right around the corner, most people i know are preparing their summer vacations … where to go … what to do … sights to see … places to eat … this list goes on!  so much planning takes place before the much anticipated trip to ensure a wonderful and memorable time.

design is no different.  with advance planning, a design “road map” {ok, maybe GPS}, you can be assured that your room design will end up at your expected destination!  be sure to welcome the random detour along the way, and you’re sure to end up with a room that you love!  but where to begin?  how to get that “road map” to home decor?  it’s easy … begin with a design inspiration board and room layout!  


{girl’s room design board by nicole odette designs}

first, take a look at the room you’d like to redesign.  what furniture, rugs, art, and accessories do you want to keep {or need to keep due to budget}?  how do you use the room … do you need seating to entertain guests … furniture for storage?  do you have the option of hiring contractors to complete work or are you ready to jump in the ring with a diy project or three?  make a list – the first column should name the items that you have in the room that stay, or those you must work with / around; the second column is a list of what you need or your “shopping list”.


{great room design board by nicole odette designs}

home decor magazines are great places to find design inspiration!  don’t be overwhelmed by the glossy photos of perfectly decorated rooms {remember, a stylist is on the set of most home photo shoots}, and look for those with features similar to those you have to work with.  there are fabulous online resources as well!  two of my favorites are pinterest and decorpad.  it may be helpful for you to create a file of inspirational photos – chances are you’ll begin to see a common thread.  maybe you like bright orange and magenta, or perhaps you prefer a calming neutral color palate.  either way, these inspiration images will help you determine how best to redesign your space.  is the whole process still too overwhelming?  contact me at!  

check in tomorrow for design direction 2 {the room layout}!  Happy Weekend!



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