a new beginning ::

after years of being the “go to” girl that friends would call to help them redesign a room in their homes, i noticed that there was a void in the design market in the city that i live.  of course, we have our highly professional designers who market their skills and wares to clients {and there is very much a need for their talents}, but what about the everyday person who may not have access to or the budget for these design firms?  what about that mom who wants to create a beautiful living environment for her family, but doesn’t know where to start?  the expense of a family and children doesn’t always leave much room for the advise of upscale decorators and fine accessories {and often times with kids underfoot, those expensive items aren’t the best investment}.  so, i created a niche for these people – using my entrepreneurial spirit, business background, life-long love of interior design, and construction connections, i created a business that caters to the everyday person who wants a stunning, relaxing living environment that they can afford!  nicole odette designs brings everyday interior design to those who wouldn’t otherwise seek the services of an interior designer.  this blog is simply an outreach of what started as a small seed but has been growing … and growing!

somedays i’ll feature “before & after” photos of interiors i’m working on, others i may show you a fun custom accent pillow fresh from my studio, and still others, ideas how you can easily access design and bring it into your home!  no matter the day, it promises to be full of design inspiration!  enjoy!


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